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What is Regnessem?

Regnessem is a multi-account/multi-protocol instant messaging client software for Windows. You can connect to .NET Messenger Service (a.k.a. MSN Messenger Service) with the default distribution.

Main Features

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No need to use plural client softwares. You can connect to multiple IM services simultaneously. Buddy lists are managed separetely and can be easily switched by tabbed interface with the default UI plugin.

Customize Skins

You can choose skins according to your feeling at the moment. Four different skins are included in the default distribution and more have been contributed. You can customize the most of UI parts if you want.

Plugin System

Almost all features of Regnessem, including even UI, are realized by plugins. Contributed protocol plugins enable you to connect ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger Service, and UI plugins to turn looking of Regnessem completely different. Sources and APIs of main components are opened to the public. You can develop plugins if you want.


In default, Unicode is used to treat any messages inside Regnessem. This means you can use many languages simultaneously. Further, you can choose UI language as you like. English and Japanese languages are supported in the default distribution.

Supported Platforms

Regnessem is currently developed and tested on the following platforms.

Follwing platforms are known to work but not well tested.

We welcome information of any other platforms on which Regnessem is working.

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